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CBD Benefits - Research into Cannabidiol (CBD) as an Alternative Therapy

The pace of research into cannabidiol (CBD) as an alternative therapy is nothing less than explosive. It’s as if every day, a new exciting avenue of CBD study is presented in the mainstream media and through scientific publications. Although still in the early phases of study, the evidence continues to mount in favor of CBD as a new and powerful alternative medicine.

Just what does the current body of research say about the potential of this increasingly popular cannabinoid? The possible therapeutic applications for CBD oil is broader than you could ever imagine. Here are just a few of the most compelling areas of study.

Anti-Anxiety Properties

In both animal and human trials, CBD has shown substantial evidence that it could be a powerful anti-anxiety therapy. In particular, it seems to have benefit for people suffering from Social Anxiety disorders. In a relatively recent placebo-controlled study published in 2010, the data concluded that CBD significantly reduced subjective anxiety.

Stimulates Neurogenesis

Once in adulthood, there are only two areas of the brain that continue to develop new neurons: the subventricular zone (relevant to the central nervous system) and the subgranular zone (relevant to the hippocampus area). Cannabidiol has shown promise for triggering neurogenesis within the hippocampus area, something which could have enormous ramifications for the treatment of psychological disorders like depression. In brain imaging, people suffering from depression typically have much smaller hippocampus regions than their peers. Through neurogenesis in the hippocampus region, CBD seems to have antidepressant-like effects.


One of the most studied properties of CBD oil, is its powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics. Inflammation is theorized to be the underlying basis for many challenging diseases, including autoimmune disorders, arthritis, Alzheimer disease, hypertension, and even type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Through its interaction with and inhibitory effects on human endocannabinoid receptors, CBD seems to play a pivotal role in reducing inflammation at a cellular level.

Blood Pressure Control

Exploratory studies are underway examining if CBD could be an effective and all natural way to control blood pressure. In a recent publication, from the summer of 2017, researchers discovered that “ that acute administration of CBD reduces resting blood pressure and the blood pressure increase to stress in humans, associated with increased heart rate.” In particular, the research seems to point to the ability of CBD oil on vasorelaxation, or the tension in the walls of blood vessels.


Finally, alongside other famous cannabinoids, CBD is proven to be a capable anti-cancer agent, at least in the initial laboratory studies. There is more and more research pointing to the potential of CBD to inhibit cancer cell growth, metastasis, and migration. It has been evidenced in more than one type of cancer cell as well, including colon, breast, brain, bladder, lung and many others.

With the broad spectrum of study, CBD oil as a therapeutic alternative shows clear promise. Every day more evidence is published, demonstrating the underlying ways through which CBD oil can work within the human endocannabinoid system to promote total health and wellness.

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Contributor: Jessica McKeil

Jessica McKeil is a writer focused on the marijuana industry, from production methods to medicinal applications. She personally found relief through cannabis for the treatment of her panic and anxiety disorder. She is lucky enough to live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada where the cannabis industry is exploding. When not writing, she spends much of her time exploring the coastal forests.