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CBD for Autism Testimonial | HempWorx CBD Autism Testimonials

HempWorx CBD for Autism Testimonial

My daughter just turned 4 and she was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder- seeking and anxiety. We have been working fortnightly since she was 2 1/2 with her Child psych and OT and have seen her come out of her shell, however we’re getting closer to her going to big school and she is still triggering for complete sensory meltdowns- I was at a point where was too scared to leave the house with the kids because I didn’t know who would trigger and what the effects would be. I wanted to help her and we used CBD oil for the first time back in January…. I gave it to her on a stressful day full of Dr’s and hospital appointments which would have seen several meltdowns by the end of the day, it wasn’t till we got home that I realised there had been no meltdowns, not even a temper tantrum or whinging session… I was blown away. Several weeks on we still haven’t had any meltdowns. We do get tantrums but that’s just like normal kids. The seeking isn’t so bad, in fact she only needs to wear her chewing necklace when she feels stressed or overwhelmed and she isn’t biting her fingers anymore. She’s sleeping though and waking feeling rested, she can focus and has started reading and writing, this has changed our world. I now don’t feel so scared for her or her future and that’s a massive relief.

Wendy R.

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